One of those questions I’ve been meaning to ask for awhile is what our world/society would be like if we weren’t avid consumers. I’m not only curious because I’m writing a dissertation about Disneyland, but because consumption comes up in some of the most interesting places. For example, over Christmas I was doing a lot of baking. Have you ever considered how much consumption is inherent in baking? As I reached into the fridge to dig the tub of butter out from under the baking soda, pushing aside the leftover chicken in the Rubbermaid containers, I wondered what baking would be like if someone hadn’t come up with a process to refine all of the constituent ingredients in my pie to make them available to me processed and ready for baking and in a fairly cost-effective manner for me, the consumer. Okay, I didn’t word it quite so eloquently at the time, but that was the basic gist of the question. Without modern consumption, I would have to refine all my own flour and churn my own butter. Where would I get baking soda, baking powder or vanilla extract? Then I ask, how is modern baking any different from ancient baking because of the conveniences of access to ingredients?

Now, the challenge is to re-read this post and take out the baking metaphor. Insert anything of your choice.

So how would our world be different?