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Mythologist, Professor, General Inquisitor, and Mythic Humanist

That about sums me up. My favorite past time is to contemplate the mythologies of
priscillathe modern American world, specifically those that manifest through popular culture. To do achieve this, I went to Pacifica Graduate Institute, studied Mythological Studies, wrote a dissertation about American Cold War myth and Disneyland, and now have three shiny initials after my name. Someday, I’ll contemplate what “About Priscilla” now means.

“Mythology” to me is the sum of the narratives of the human experience. Mythological stories are not just the stories of ancient peoples long ago, nor are they simply sacred stories of various deities. The human experience is constantly growing and changing, and the narratives do their best to keep up. In other cases, the narratives wind up dictating the direction of human experience. The mythology of Disneyland (the core of my dissertation) is just as potent by this definition as the mythology of cultural events (like 9/11 or the Cold War), religious experience (like Christianity), or individual dreams.

It is my personal mission to bring mythological awareness into any conversation that is worth having. The modern world is constantly throwing some scary curve balls at us, and it is sometimes difficult to continue hoping, dreaming and wishing. New myths are manifesting all the time that defy traditional definitions and formats. By embracing these new myths, it is my hope that we can find inner peace among ourselves, our culture, and our world.

Contact: priscilla at mythicthinking dot org. Spam will be banned.

Presentations/Publications – Available for lectures, events and workshops.

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  • Pacifica Graduate Institute, Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology (which is really just a high fallootin’ way to say that I’m studying the Humanities with an emphasis on cultural narrative and archetypal symbolism flavored with psychological theory)
    • PhD, May 2012
    • Dissertation title: “Towards a Happily Ever After”: Disneyland and Imagineering the American Dream
  • The Union Institute and University, Humanities with emphasis in Mythological Studies (see above)
    • MA, completed October 2006
    • Thesis title: Searching for the Golden Snitch: The Fairy-Myth and American Mythology
  • University of Houston, Anthropology with a minor in Film Studies
    • BA, completed December 2002

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2 thoughts on “About Priscilla

  1. Hi Priscilla – I just discovered your blog and really like your writing and how you think.

    I have previously studied a broad range of psychotherapies including Gestalt Therapy and am fascinating by the way that we modern folks think we’re so aware but are enmeshed in archetypal projections.

    I wonder how you perceive the so called Alien Abduction and Alien Contactee/Experiencer phenomenon ?

    I myself believe that I have had experiences of the later variety but believe that in addition to their archetypal/mythic qualities, they were real, physical experiences – that I have also experienced with family members.

    I am convinced however that much of the phenomenon on both sides of the equation, are a kind of archetypal projection but few in the field, seem interested in looking at it from this point of view.

    I have argued that so called Reptilians do not exist – they are mere projections and for that I am despised by many folks in the field of Alienology.

    Anyway, just curious to know if you’ve thought seriously about this subject and if you would be willing to explore it.

    Keep up the great writing !

    Best wishes to you,

    Bright Garlick.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gIWOJ8pqTQ (This is part 1, part 2 coming)

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