Welcome to Mythic Thinking Version 3.1.bluuuurrrrgh

Since I launched Mythic Thinking, I’ve had to rethink my hosting on three separate occasions. The first time, I tried doing a Website Tonight account on GoDaddy, but that was just too difficult. While I appreciate all of the attempts by “geeks” who made web development easier for us Muggles, I struggle with the lack of intuitiveness many of these programs provide. I’m an intuitive person, and dealing with the frustrations of having a website isn’t something I want to deal with. I’d started dabbling with WordPress.

So that lead to version 2. A coworker offered to host my website and set me up with WordPress.org, free hosting, and all was hunky dory. Until my website got blocked–flagged for distributing malware. According to Google’s Webmaster tools, my website was clean, but the hosting server was not. This lead to another move, some more autonomy… and, a loss of content. I’ve been running Mythic Thinking for something like 3 years, so the loss of content came as a big, fat blow to my ego.

So, now, welcome to version 3. I found some of the past year’s posts on another computer, saved separately from all of this programming mumbo-jumbo, which lead me to the grand decision of starting Mythic Thinking from scratch, and slowly uploading these old posts. This is a good thing, I’ve decided. I’ve come to terms with it, I think.

For those who met me during the lifespan of Version 2, or even that one person who has followed me since Version 1, you are already familiar with my current dissertation project about Disneyland and American mythology. This will remain the core of Mythic Thinking until the day I defend and I can start expanding my horizons.

That said, I can’t help but suspect that all of the woes and pains I’ve suffered during the past week is divine payback for making the decision to cut Hermes, god of technology and other things, from my dissertation. For that matter, I’ve decided to cut all of the gods from my dissertation. Not because the gods aren’t cool enough for my dissertation, but because I want to divorce myself from archetypal psychology right now. One of the posts lost in the blogosphere is my one on James Hillman andSurfing LA in which I describe why I disagree with archetypal psychology. I guess I’ll have to rewrite something about that someday.

So pardon the dust. I’m not going to rush through recreating this website. Posts are going to come nice and slow. Eventually, I’ll get everything back up and running. I’d say that I’ll get it done when I get around to it, but since I do have a Round TUIT on my desk, that excuse doesn’t really work.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Mythic Thinking Version 3.1.bluuuurrrrgh

    1. Thanks! On the optimistic side, I really got active with the blog within the past year, so the secret cache has the really important posts.

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