Dissertation Summer: A Song Don Henley Never Wrote

It’s here! It’s here! Dissertation Summer! *Happy Snoopy Dances*

But what does this mean?

As of today, I have only a few administrative things to take care of for the teaching side of things, namely posting my grades into the official school system. Everything is graded, logged into my grade book, and safely locked away in my office filing cabinet. I intentionally didn’t bring any school stuff home to clutter up my office.

This is the first summer in several that I have not had any school commitments: I’m neither teaching, working in any capacity, or doing any student-related stuff (i.e., no trips to Pacifica and no papers due). This is intentional on my part. As much as I enjoy the act of teaching, there’s something about grading papers that creates a blockage for my own writing, slowing the dissertation process down.

Palate cleansed, time to get to work!

…starting next Monday. There’s something about the idea of starting a project at the start of the work week. Plus, it’s Friday, which means it’s time for me to have a bit of a relax. The real challenge is going to be to not fill today with ONLY Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, but that’s a conversation for another post seeing as to how next week is Pirates Week after all…


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